The Syrtos in Lesvos
Posted by Christos on Saturday, April 09, 2005

The Syrtos ("Syr-TOS") is a dance in 2/4 time. One strong step is followed by two small steps (SLOW, quick-quick). Sometimes the two small steps are reduced to a single closing step with a change of weight. A characteristic of the dance in Lesvos is the up-and-down movement from the knees.

Elsewhere in Greece the Syrtos is danced as a circle dance, but in Lesvos it was traditionally danced in twos - usually two men or two women, since it would not be regarded as proper for a man to dance with a woman who was not his wife or other near relation.

In the picture the men are dancing Syrtos in the traditional way at a panegyri in Arisvi.


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